40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs For 2016

Xavier De Buck
Published on January 18, 2016

40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs For 2016

40 must-read real estate blogs for 2016One number: 90.

That’s the percentage of home buyers who started their property search online in 2015.

If that’s not a strong motivation as a real estate agent to make sure you get found online, I don’t know what is!

Whether you’re looking for more real estate content to share across your social media accounts, or you’re not sure whether you would like to start your own real estate blog, this article should be a very useful starting point and/or source of information!

“How do I even get started or where do I find out the most interesting real estate resource material?”

That’s exactly why I wrote this article on 40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs for 2016. Not too long ago, I found myself in a very similar situation and decided to make a list of real estate agent blogs, as well as a list of educational real estate blogs, which were going to provide me with daily informative real estate content!

“How do I keep track of so many real estate blogs?”

With a plethora of apps to keep track of blogs available on every possible mobile device, we are actually spoilt for choice with so many different options!

Personally, I found it immensely helpful to collect all my major real estate blogs onto a few apps: Feedly and Flipboard (the latter integrated Zite): it works great on mobile phones, tablets and (go figure!) they even work on your laptop!

“Every possible real estate topics I can think of, has already been written about by other real estate agents!”

I think you’re asking the wrong question: have you written about any of the 100’s, if not 1,000’s of topics mentioned across these 40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs? What’s your personal experience with some of the typical real estate do’s and don’ts? I’m sure you don’t agree with every single article post?

I bet you’re thinking you would do a much better job of putting together some of those articles based on your many years in real estate!

Have you ever heard of this old Chinese proverb which says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

So, what’s stopping you today?

How about you take the first step by going over the 40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs For 2016 listed below?

Without any particular preference or ranking, here they are:

Real Estate Agents:

Bill Gassett

Ok, I did put Bill first as there’s no way one can start a 40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs For 2016 list without putting his name first! While most of us were still trying to figure out how to properly work a fax machine, Bill was already online busy publishing his real estate articles on his Maximum Exposure Real Estate website!

Thanks to his 28+ years in the business, he has accumulated a vast knowledge about the real estate market, and is very happy to share his expertise through his many, many real estate articles, covering topics from tips, advice, buyer/seller guides, to real estate marketing, social media etc. He’s not only at the frontier of real estate social media, he’s at the very cusp of it!

Have a read yourself of one of his more popular articles, called “Things Real Estate Agents Do That Professional Realtors Hate”.

Lynn Pineda 

Lynn is another top real estate agent (operating in Southeast Florida), who is very active on social media! Regardless which platform you go to, you’ll run into her amazing content!

I particularly enjoyed reading one of her latest articles “10 Really Smart Ideas about Selling a Home”.

Kyle Hiscock

With a combined experience of 30+ years in the real estate business, this father-son top real estate team, Keith & Kyle, know what they’re doing, and should definitely be added to your social media reading list! Like clockwork, Kyle will deliver his newest real estate article every Tuesday! Follow him yourself if you don’t believe me!

Check out this awesome article of his: “Top Tips For Buying A Vacation Home”.

Debbie Drummond

As a top real estate agent working the luxury market in the Las Vegas area, Debbie has produced a lot of very insightful articles. Her most recent blog article proves my point: “Why You Shouldn’t Hire Friends & Family In Real Estate”.

Just the titles alone that she comes up with! Straightforward & to the point!

Ryan Fitzgerald

For those of you who have interacted with Ryan, you will all agree that he’s got some amazing energy, and that definitely shows up in his real estate blog articles! And I believe we haven’t seen the best of this Raleigh, North Caroline real estate agent yet!

Look at one of his recent articles: “7 Cost Nothing Tips to Sell Your Home Faster”.

Paul Sian

The Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky real estate market can be proud to have a top real estate agent like Paul servicing their clients! His weekly articles are always interesting to read.

And you very likely will do too, once you’ve convinced yourself after reading this “Tips For Selling A Home With Pets” piece!

Jeff Knoxx 

Great reading material can be expected from this top Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas real estate agent. Have a read of his very funny article posted over the holidays: “Satirical 12 Days of Christmas For Realtors.

Andrew Fortune 

Besides Andrew’s very well-written real estate blog articles, this top real estate agent from Colorado Springs is known for his outstanding graphic designs, making each and every one of his publications stand out, whether it be articles, market reports, or infographics! Plus, he’s all-round an awesome guy, always willing to help people out!

He has accumulated 100’s of articles for buyers, sellers or fellow real estate agents, so make sure to have a thorough read on his site!

Take a few minutes to go over this “15 Realtors Discuss How Their Real Estate Website Helps Their Business” article & you’ll be hooked!

Jack Otto

This Bellingham, Washington top agent is very active on social media – just have a look at his Twitter activity alone! Plenty of timely real estate related updates on his site as well.

Not convinced yet? Read his article “Selling Your House? 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t For Sale By Owner” and decide for yourself!

David Cronnin 

As a RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member, there’s no need to even doubt of David’s professional capabilities! The blog of this long-time Indianapolis top real estate agent is definitely worth a look, as it’s filled with plenty of great articles!

Here’s a recent one I liked: “Winter is Coming — Winter Home Maintenance to Complete NOW!

Anita O’Grady Clark 

Anita is another top real estate agent, operating in the Warner Robins, Georgia area. Always to be found on social media platforms everywhere!

She recently posted one of my favorite articles: “10 Ways to Upgrade A Rental Property”.

Chris & Karen Highland

This husband & wife real estate team out of Maryland is quite active on social media as well! And there are plenty of articles to read on their blog!

Specifically, one of their recent articles, called “Home Shopping: The Square Footage Dilemma“, will be worth your while!

Teresa Cowart 

Teresa is a top Savannah, Georgia real estate agent, and very involved in social media! Go connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Her article “Pro’s and Con’s To Paying Your Mortgage Off Early” is one of my all-time favorites!

Kathy Clulow

Another international top real estate agent is Kathy, who operates in the Uxbridge/Durham area in Ontario, Canada. Her personal slogan says it all: “Trusted For Experience…Respected For Results“!

Having recently revamped her site, it’s filled with small titbits of advice throughout her blog articles; this being one of them: “The Three Most Important Rooms“.

Luke Skar 

Good luck trying to keep up with this guy! A busy body who’s involved in so many social media platforms, yet always finds time in his hectic schedule to help people out! Make sure to add him on your social media!

Great compilation he managed to put together in his article called “Best Winter Curb Appeal Ideas from 18 Professionals“.

Wendy Weir 

As a top Oakland County Michigan real estate agent, Wendy has accumulated a vast knowledge of real estate dealings in her 28+ years. No reason why you shouldn’t be following her across your social media platforms!

Start by reading one of her most recent posts: “Is your home not selling? Here are 4 Tips To Get Your Home Sold FAST!“.

Nathan Garrett 

This Oldham County, Kentucky real estate agent is another active social media person to follow!

I really enjoyed reading Nathan’s article “How To Crush It As A Homeowner” where he shares a number of tips a homeowner needs to keep in mind, throughout the year!

David O’Doherty 

Be amazed how many local articles David puts together on his blog – enough to keep his readers busy with new updates, news, real estate blogs etc. As a fellow real estate agent, we ought to all have a similar strategy in mind! Laser-focused local material!

Here’s an article of his I particularly liked: “Seven Factors to Consider When Relocating“.

Janis Borgueta 

Having lived in The Hudson Valley, New York, for 30+ years, we have Janis who’s been very active in the real estate industry for 11+ years. That’s plenty of real estate experience to write about! And does she write!

In her most recent article “Selling Your Home? Think Like A Buyer!“, Janis explains one of her most frequently asked questions regarding selling a home. Which marketing style to use? Staging? Which details to pay attention to when selling your home?

Angela Duong 

Minh and Angela are another husband & wife top real estate team on this list, who operate in Box Elder County, Utah (Tremonton, Brigham area). You can count on a publication of at least one solid real estate blog article per month.

A recent article of Angela’s caught my attention: “7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Realtor, which mentioned quite a few handy tips on how to choose the right real estate agent when you’re looking to buy or sell.

Tina Israelson 

This top Orlando, Florida real estate agent is very active on a number of social media platforms.

I enjoy reading her articles, one of my favorites being, “5 Common Objections to a Realistic Listing Price“.

Teresa Boardman 

Mostly known from her contributions to Inman News (covered further down in the article), Teresa very regularly publishes short real estate content on her blog, such as this one: “Vacant and Condemned“.

Dan Miller

Another top real estate agent, this time from Madison, Wisconsin, is Dan. He’s quite active on social media and posts his blog articles on a very regular basis!

Truly a great resource – just read one of his most recent publication: “How to Document Upgrades and Improvements for your Real Estate Listing“.

Joe Manausa

This top real estate agent from Tallahassee, Florida has 1,000’s of readers a day enjoying his blog articles, covering a wide range of real estate topics. Definitely don’t skip this one when putting your list together!

Quite interesting to read one of his latest pieces: “Why It Takes More Than Exposure To Sell A Home“.

Xavier De Buck

As briefly mentioned in this article’s introduction, I compiled this list to make life easier for me while doing my day-to-day social media activities, as well as to provide me with a resourceful source of real estate topics when I’m in need of inspiration for my next blog article!

While I recognize I still have a lot to learn, I am very proud of some of my earlier published articles, one being “7 Home Seller Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Real Estate Agent”.

Real Estate Blogs:

Whereas some of the real estate agent blogs above will mention more local information, the following list of real estate blogs tend to take a more national approach with topics which are likely more usable for a wider portion of the real estate reading audience:


Every few days, there’s a new piece of content on this site! And each and every one will catch your attention!

Recently, they published an article “5 Steps to Creating Your First Video for Real Estate“,  which I found very helpful, given we all know what’s to the importance of video in our real estate marketing!


If you’re looking to get more ideas on how to market yourself as a real estate agent, make sure to add this site to your list! Looking for SEO, marketing, emails ideas, they’ve got it! Tyler Zey publishes a couple of hands-on articles per week which you can immediately apply!

Pretty much coming out of nowhere, in one year they managed 1,000,000 visits in 2015, so you may want to take a 2nd look and check out their marketing methods! Read the article how they went about it here: “The Marketing Plan I Used To Generate Over 1 Million Views In 1 year“.


Do you like finding out new real estate marketing strategies or technology products? These guys are very active and won’t disappoint you with their many articles! Make sure to then follow this real estate blog!

How better to be prepared this year than optimizing your website: “6 Ways to Maximize Your Real Estate Website for 2016“!


Daily real estate related updates with amazing visuals and expert analysis! No doubt another great addition to the 2016 list! They cover the what, why and how!

This is a great example of the type of know-how they provide: “The Most Appealing Aspects of Homeownership”.


This website contains so much valuable real estate marketing articles, you may think you’ve hit the jackpot! I’m always amazed by their content! Plenty of mastering real estate marketing here with some great graphics & visuals!

Let’s immediately start with an awesome article of theirs: “2015 Online Marketing Statistics Real Estate Agents Should Know”. Did you learn anything from reading that article?

Invest Four More

Mark Ferguson turned this blog into an incredible resource for the real estate investment community! Whichever rental property question you might have, as a buyer, seller, landlord, or real estate agent, this will be paradise found for you!

Here’s a great article Mark recently published: “Will Real Estate Agents Be Replaced By Websites Like Zillow?“.


Seth Williams has been the frontrunner of this real estate blog for as long as I can remember! Enormously active across social media, so definitely a great source of information for you!

If you ever doubted the importance of photography in real estate listings, have a read here: “The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography for Real Estate Professionals” or re-read it in case you


Similarly as Invest Four More, this BiggerPockets website is dedicated to investing & marketing, and has very educational articles. Constantly updated and filled with useful information, this is a no-brainer to add onto your real estate blogs list this year!

Depending on your particular interest, real estate investing does require us to do maths (and it helps immensely if you can do the rough numbers in your head already!), so make sure to print this one off: “The Top 8 Real Estate Calculations Every Investor Should Memorize“.

Tom Ferry 

Tom is an international renowned real estate coach, trainer & speaker, sharing his knowledge of real estate through his blog (and many videos!). Quite the educational material to be found, so make sure to add him to that reading list! I’ve learnt a lot of things from his (free) online publications!

Especially being at the beginning of the year, this is a great one to read/watch: “My Favorite Business Planning Tips #BestYearEver“.


Here we have another internet & marketing blog website. Perhaps somewhat more technical in nature, yet provides very helpful information! Nowadays, all real estate agents pretty much need to remain updated up on the latest technology or products. No better place than GeekEstate to get your fix!

Thought about putting reviews on your WP site? Read their update: “Want to Put Agent Reviews Directly on your WordPress Website?”.


Chandler, Arizona top real estate agent Dean Ouellette is currently running this website, which has been around for many, many years! (remember ‘grand-daddy of real estate blogging’ Jay Thompson?) They’ve pretty much have daily content to look forward to!

Take a look at this recent blog article: “Top 7 home design trends infographic”.


Sometimes the day-to-day, local activity we keep ourselves busy is making us forget about the bigger picture. Industry issues? Economic conditions? Interest rate talk? Check, check and check! All to be found there!

Even though this is one particular Monday Morning Cup of Coffee article, I do read up on every Monday edition as I find it quite interesting to read:

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Here’s how not to gauge the U.S. economy“.

Real Estate Tomato 

This is the inner nerd talking to me, as I truly enjoy reading up on real estate marketing, social media, tactics, technology etc. and whatever else might be applicable to the real estate industry! One caveat: perhaps this real estate blog shouldn’t have made it onto the 2016 list of must-read real estate blogs as their material is no longer being updated, however I catch myself going through their library of very useful evergreen real estate content on a regular basis, so I’d be lying if I say I’m not going to visit it this year!

Awesome tips on how to go about writing a real estate blog article are found in this classic 2012 article: “Is There Such A Thing As A Perfectly Written Real Estate Blog Article?” but very much useful today!


I don’t think this website needs an introduction: it has to be part of anyone’s must-read real estate blogs list in 2016, as they really provide a plethora of daily informational articles! Very active on social media as well!

For example, have a read here: “7 Things People Forget to Do Before They Move”.


And last but not least, every real estate agent ought have this website on their social media list! Plenty of (non)subscription-based articles available to enjoy!

Here’s a very good reason why you should read their material: “10 reasons why for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) fail“. Did it pass your test?

Closing thoughts

Nothing can be more frustrating than sitting in front of your computer and drawing completely blank what to actually write about!

Having a highly valuable resource at your finger tips, such as this 40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs For 2016 article, you are immediately able to get your mind thinking about all the possible topics you could write about! And before you know it, your blank piece of paper sees its first few words, sentences and paragraphs!


How has the real estate blogs experience been thus far?

Did you find any other interesting real estate blogs which I didn’t mention? Don’t hesitate to let me know!

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