Northcliff Crime Trends Year-To-Date

According to the most recent Beagle Watch armed response newsletter, Northcliff residents and surrounding areas are urged to remain vigilant at all times, particularly when entering and leaving their properties. Additionally, many armed robberies occur when alarm systems are not switched on.

By having trap zone devices installed, Beagle Watch will be notified that your security has been compromised and will immediately send all available units and the South African Police Service (SAPS) to your premises.

Remember if you are forced to disarm your alarm system, please use your duress code.

Many residential gates are being left open and this invites unwanted elements into your property. Do not display what you have stored in your garage and always ensure that you have closed and locked all gates and doors behind you.

With an increase in gate motor thefts occurring, adding a gate alarm module to your gate motor can prevent unauthorised access through the derailing of your gate.  Anti-theft brackets are also available for your gate motor safety.

Additionally, you can improve the effectiveness of your electric fence through the installation of anti-parting devices which will prevent criminals from parting the fence wires without causing an alarm.

Please have a close look at the above infographic. Pay particular attention to the modus operandi of these criminals since January 2016 across different crimes, which have occurred in the Northcliff area and surrounding of Beagle Watch operation.

As statistics of the South African Police Service (SAPS) are not as frequently updated nor locally available, these reports from the highly-effective local Beagle Watch armed response services give us a good indication of the criminal activity in the Northcliff area!

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